BETWEEN BREADS reviewed by @farudaru

BETWEEN BREADS reviewed by @farudaru

(Images Credit : FB page. Content: From zomato menu and reviews)
(Images Credit : FB page. Content: From zomato menu and reviews)

This place oozes fun and casual. It’s perfect for that ‘I need to munch on something’ feeling.

They do have quite a decent selection of stuff that’s “between breads” which includes Burgers, Hot Dogs, Sandwiches and delicious munchies like Bacon Fries & Jalapeno Poppers to go with your order.

I love the cute burger buns decor on the walls. The seating is a tad uncomfy on those high stools. So it’s definitely an eat & go type place, rather than a sit down. (Wooden stools with a high back might be better)

While you’re waiting for that delicious burger of yours, you’ve got peppy music and Archies comics to keep you entertained. And of course, you can chat up the cute friendly guys who own the place.

Their prices definitely surprised me, I was expecting it to be in the Burgs range, but this place has awesome value-for-money comfort food.

BB special fries is the way to go. Crispy Fried Potatoes topped with caramelized onions, gooey cheese and thousand island sauce. Damn! I want some right naowwww!!

Just a quick suggestion, it does get a little hot and smoky in there, maybe a better ventilation system and one more ac might help. And also the Beef patty need to be a little more flavourful.

1) Beef Cheese burger
2) BB style fries
3) Onion Rings
4) Pink Lemonade

I’m definitely going back there at the earliest!

And you should too! Happy Eating! 🙂

[box](Images : FB page. Content: From zomato menu and reviews)[/box]