BIRDSONG CAFE reviewed by @farudaru

BIRDSONG CAFE reviewed by @farudaru

BNCZCUWCUAAil5JThese days when restaurants are getting smaller, going OTT with the decor and cramped, The Birdsong is like a breath of fresh air. The ceiling to floor French windows are a delight. They let in loads of natural light and they’re perfect to just sit by them over a cup of coffee & vegan carrot cake and just watch the world go by.

The Birdsong is a super pretty all organic Cafe, with tasty, wholesome, fresh & natural food. The cafe is dotted with wooden tables & chairs with pretty upholstery. Seating is also quite comfortable. The have a lovely hand painted wall with cute quotes and doodles, a huge black board with their hand-written menu, lovely light bulbs hanging from the high ceiling, which give the cafe a unique character.

I’ve been here quite a few times and i have to say, i’m quite impressed with the changes and progress they’ve made regarding their glitchy service and food, Meat eaters rejoice, because they now also serve organic chicken. Their service used to be really bad, but recently that too has improved.

The food so really good and you can actually taste the natural goodness of the ingredients. Jennifer’s famous organic cakes, are to die for especially the Carrot Cake & coconut banana cake, Now, i can’t choose one favourite dish here, because there are just too many that i like.



1) Spaghetti in Black Olive Sauce

2) Lamb Risotto

3) Lamb Pizza

4) Vegan Carrot Cake

5) Coconut Banana Cake

6) Pumpkin Feta Quiche

7) Hot Chocolate is a MUST TRY

8) ANY salad of your choice

9) Jenny’s famous Blondies.

[/box] This place has become quite a regular for me. love coming here to just sit around and soak up the ambience, or just catch up with friends over hot chocolate. 

Happy Eating!!! 🙂