Bloodline Bandra A Novel By Godfrey Joseph Pereira.

Bloodline Bandra  A Novel By Godfrey Joseph Pereira.

The incredible story of how a boy from Bandra Bombay is trapped in ‘Legal Slavery’ by his own people the Indians in New York City and more… much more…. This brutality of this story will shock you. In stores 25th of November.

The author of ‘Bloodline Bandra,’ Godfrey Joseph Pereira was born in Pali Village, Bandra, Bombay, studied at Saint Andrew’s High School and graduated in English Literature and Philosophy from National College, Bandra. Turning to journalism, he worked for a number of Indian publications like ‘Sunday’ and ‘India Today’ and then became a War Correspondent. Chasing The American Dream he migrated to the United States; and that is when the nightmare began. Godfrey Joseph Pereira was a “Legal Slave” in New York City for many years.

This is his story narrated by the soul of David Cabral.

Bloodline Bandra Part I describes and deciphers the complex rustic life style of the East Indians in Pali Village where its inhabitants speak a vibrant, funny and thoroughly entertaining form of English. David Cabral, Bloodline Bandra’s main character is one of these people.

Expressing obscenity or talking about sex without sounding “dirty” was classic Pali Village doublespeak.

Tommy- Eat- Shit- A- Lot speaking to Thelma Two Teeth.

Tommy- Eat- Shit- A- Lot: “Ah-Ray- Thelma!”

Thelma Two Teeth: “What men, what you want bugger. I can see your leg is shaking.”

Tommy- Eat- Shit- A- Lot: “My hands are scratching men. If your hands are scratching like mine are scratching, we can scratch together, no……. Maybe we can bleddy, you know….”

Thelma Two Teeth: “You know wot men, I feel same.”

Tommy- Eat- Shit- A –Lot: “Let us go to Band Stand, sit behind the rocks and bleddy make Happy Divali men.”

What the couple wanted to do was fornicate, hidden from public view, behind the black rocks at the sea side at Bandra’s, Land’s End, Band Stand; and Diwali, is a festival of hot fire works, lighting lubricated erect wicks of lamps, and passionate sweet celebration.

David Cabral, the protagonist of Bloodline Bandra is offered a job in New York City, and that is when he is sold into slavery by his own people, the Indians. Bloodline Bandra Part II documents his “Legal Slavery” in excruciating detail. Go to Or to find out what “Legal Slavery” is all about. The website also documents how and why Indians all over the world are infamous for mistreating their fellow countrymen. The brutality of the examples will shock you.

This is the truth of what many Indians do to their fellow Indians abroad.