Godfrey Joseph Pereira  THE NEW YORK YEARSIt’s been about five months since I got back home from India. I recently met an English man in New York City, Danny Strongbow whose grandfather, Charlie Strongbow, was born and lived in Bombay, India during the British Raj. Danny had read Bloodline Bandra in London. He looked at me and said, “I need to show you something.” On his next trip to New York, Danny gave me his grandfather’s letters. Wow! Fascinating.

Charlie Strongbow was one of the many Englishmen born in India; but like the majority, he refused to leave after Indian independence. He converted to Hinduism, spoke Hindi fluently, and considered himself a Brahmin. He later died at Hanwell Insane Asylum, 13 km west of Central London. His story, observations, and what he did in Bombay is shocking. He continued writing letters, of what he did in India, and why he did what he did, from the Asylum, until his mind finally crossed over to the other side. His letters blew my mind.

With these letters as a base, I have started writing my next Novel titled ‘The Untouchable British Brahmin’. I don’t know where it is going to go. I have started my next literary journey, once again into unknown territory and an asylum for the insane. I hope…., I hope that I am capable of doing this, for Danny, for Charlie Strongbow and for myself. I hope…Godfrey Joseph Pereira

Readers can read a little of Bloodline Bandra for free.https://www.amazon.com/Bloodline-Bandra-Godfrey-Joseph-Pereira-ebook/dp/B00PFWH4H0