Genesia Alves has made history by cloning the WW II picture to feature the powerlessness of an Bandraite.

The rationale for the pits in Bandra is an enigma, so I used my connections in BMC to gain information.

Following are the responses and I call upon the readers to draw on their good sense to scoop out the fact.

The Responses

1) A representative in return for confidentiality says –

“NASA is considering awarding BMC a 500 Billion USD contract. BMC would build the infrastructure on Mars for the inhabitation of the super rich. Bandra is where we are practising for our space venture.”

2) Another spiritually inclined official from HW ward claimed Bandra people have become cynical and thus they see only dug up streets. It is their Karma that they don’t look at the good motorable roads.

3) An officer and a huge a sci-fi afficionado said he is not aware of any digging. On being shown a copy of Mumbai Mirror, he said it’s plausible that the lady in the coloured print has time travelled to the WW II.

Disclaimer for trolls supported by our tax money – The above article is a caricature from a frustrated resident.