BMC plans to tag posh bandra H/W ward with the vibrant color pink.

BMC plans to tag posh bandra H/W ward with the vibrant color pink.

M_Id_386936_bTHE city is set to sport a more colourful look across various wards if a proposal commissioned by the civic body is implemented. Under its branding exercise, BMC may soon colour code 24 wards. The plan is to tag each ward by a specific colour to give a distinct identity to each.

“Different colours for each ward will help people differentiate the areas. These are typically mapped together, which is confusing. The colour identity will help people locate and identify famous landmarks, areas, routes and on the whole, give a well-defined structure to each area,” said Ashok Parab, communications designer. Parab, along with Bhupal Ramnathkar, who heads Umbrella Design, came up with the colour coding, besides the city’s logo and theme.

Parab said when one sees an orange sign board, it will be clear that the ward is Dadar. “The colour coding idea has immense possibilities and one needs to think of the long-term usage. Although it has been designed keeping in mind just the basic use at present, it could be used to colour municipal schools and other buildings in the long run,” he said.

Inspired by cities like New York and Melbourne, BMC undertook a branding exercise for Mumbai. It launched the official theme, Majhi Mumbai (My Mumbai), and a logo recently. According to the colour code, which is part of the branding initiative, Dadar has been assigned saffron as it is a Shiv Sena stronghold, while posh Bandra (West) ward is denoted by a vibrant pink.

As of now, the civic body plans to use these colour codes for signboards by BMC, including awareness campaigns, road signs, dustbins and flags used by the political parties during awareness campaigns. “These colours will also be used as much as possible in ward offices and hoardings put by BMC. Also, these colours can be used to make branded t-shirts, bags, water bottles and watches, among others, depending on the initiative by residents,” said Rahul Shewale, standing committee chairman and Shiv Sena corporator.

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