BODA – BENGALI ONE DAY ADVANCE! - For a wide range of bengali cuisine.

BODA – BENGALI ONE DAY ADVANCE! - For a wide range of bengali cuisine.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 4.05.14 PMBODA is an ode to my childhood growing up in a joint family, where every meal was an event in itself. My Ma and Mashi (Aunt) were great exponents of Bengali cooking staying true to the recipes handed down to them by Didima (Granny) who kept true to her Didima’s!. In those days before blogs (☺), they were often seen writing (post-carding!) out the family recipes for near and distant friends. It was a given that parties at Baba’s workplace or in the local Bengali community would have food cooked at our place. I remember often being bribed by my friends with additional batting practice just so that they could be invited to have food at our place. I remember quitting my first job after engineering at Satara in 18 days……yes, 18 days and returning home to Pune! I then put it down to being homesick, but now I can say that missing my home food too played a big role ☺. So the next time I left home on a job (this time to Jaipur), I learnt cooking; and this time I did not run back. I remember spending time in STD booths, calling Ma for new recipes every Sunday. Suffice to say that food has played a central role in my life till date. And it still plays!

There are many Bengali restaurants around but because of the economics of the restaurant business, they have to keep a limited menu to streamline operations and costs. So where does that leave foodies like us who want to taste the wide range of Bengali cuisine, which we have grown up on with our Mas and Mashis? BODA!

BODA stands for Bengali One Day Advance. I have collated over 200 dishes of my family’s recipes handed down over generations into the BODA menu. And you can taste ANY of them if you order one day in advance. That simple really! By you ordering one day in advance, I cut food wastage, you get to sample the entire 200 item menu at a reasonable price – a true win-win for you, society, and BODA. Think of BODA as your personal chef ☺, just better. The 200-item menu is arguably the world’s largest standing menu of Bengali food. For the days when you do not wish (or have forgotten) to plan in advance I am also offering a selection under ‘Instant BODA’, which can be ordered upto one hour in advance.

I look forward to welcoming you into my childhood through BODA.

Raja Debnath

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