Bombay Arts a well known brand for furniture in Bandra is running it’s business since the last 50 years. Since so many years, Bombay Arts is known for its quality and after sale service. Bombay Arts does not only provide service to customers at the time of sale but taken care of after sale as well. Due to the increasing demand of customers, Bombay Arts have come with new ideas and products which will help customers from all the segments to purchase furniture from Bombay Arts. In short we are selling furniture in all price range. We have furniture for not only the upper class but for everyone. Different quality with different price range so that customers get a wide range to choose from and can buy furniture for their home in their budget.
Bombay Arts is now into wholesale as well retail. Customers now get a chance to buy furniture in wholesale rates at Bombay Arts.

Bombay Arts has recently opened one more shop just besides the existing shop due to the increasing demand of customers.

Bombay Arts provides you many facilities which other brands fail to do so. For example if u have any queries about the product you can directly call the owner Mr. Saad Basha of the shop and speak to him about your queries unlike other brands where u have to keep waiting for a reply from their call centres. And there are many such other facilities which is convenient for the customer. You can get your home furnished according to your choice and budget. In Bombay arts you don’t need to go over your budget to purchase products, we help you to fit the price in your budget. For any queries about furniture you can contact Mr. Saad Basha on +917822012345