Bonobo (Bar.Love.Food)

Bonobo (Bar.Love.Food)

After a brief hiatus of 5 months , bonobo is back. 


[quote] A quick lunch with your friends or colleagues, funfilled evenings, delightful renditions and gigs, comedy shows and much more at Bandra’s hottest rooftop bar![/quote]

Enjoy a gourmet, al fresco dining experience along with signature cocktails far above the busy streets of Bandra!

With an expansive menu offering myriad options from piquant prawns and calamari to hotdogs, nachos, smoked scamorza cheese in ‘a carriage’ with hearty marinara and crispy fried basil,  BONOBO weaves a culinary tale of flavourful creations that offer a multisensorial dining experience.


BONOBO is much more than a restaurant where every dish on the menu manages to be rich and unique. From serving great food to a cultural space where music, comedians and gourmet cuisine come together superbly, BONOBO makes for that indulgent stop with its interesting menu and fantastic array of drinks.

From its seasonal Mango Quesadilla with cream cheese and mint to chimichangas, every dish on the menu promises an unsurpassed journey for the diner.

Simple yet masterfully done dishes are specialities at BONOBO which are testament to the freshness of spices and ingredients along with an authentic knowledge of the cuisine.

Expect dishes like MEZZE + GRILLED PITA POCKETS – the BONOBO version with smoked paprika hummus, rosemary-garlic tzatziki, pickled beet-feta-mint relish and kalamata olives, mini burgers served with feta, tzatziki, roasted peppers and mint –  classics with surprise perspectives that BONOBO is known for.

Classy interiors,  menu that cater to the discerning gourmet who wishes to enjoy an alfresco meal, decadent and innovative dishes and Bonobo’s new quirky plus a creative cocktail list, signature pitchers and shots as well as the punters catching up over drinks and music is what you can look forward to.

Bonobo (Bar.Love.Food), the Bandra favorite for foodies, cocktail connoisseurs and music lovers – firmly a cut above the others.


2nd Floor, Kenilworth Mall,

Phase 2, Off Linking Road,

Bandra West, Mumbai – 400050

Call  022 2605 5050/26055353




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