Bora Bora

Bora Bora

64725_483661175034881_1701913501_nThe Music Tavern

A contemporary music tavern, the name Bora Bora has an exotic ring to it, and its ambiance lives upto its allure. If the number of guests queuing up on weekends is anything to go by, this hangout has fast become a hot favorite amongst the city’s hip and happening. In all modesty, it delivers what it promises.

A unique concept, Bora Bora is a video lounge where you can watch the videos of the most popular music while you dine. From the drum shaped menu to the friendly staff dressed in casuals – everything exudes an easy, hatke vibe. The decor has a very earthy feel, with its wooden curios lining the walls and shelves, and you’re sure to feel like you have entered a family lounge in the bylanes of Ireland.

290136_397417823659217_1472752400_oAnd to make you feel right at home, is our intent. Whether it’s the tired corporate looking for a well mixed drink & tasty tapas or a group of young adults seeking a funky time, Bora Bora sets just- the-right mood to keep you entertained, day or night. The mood here is always upbeat, by day its a cool place to hangout and enjoy some food and by evening its a lounge to bring in the night.Our video jockey churns out the best of commercial, house & retro, our barmen serve the coolest concoctions and our menu features varied cuisines to satiate each and every palate. Recommended are the invented mojitos, irish beers, whizzies and the spicy appetizers, especially the Sesame Grilled Chicken which is an absolute delight

Bora Bora offers something for everyone. During IPL and FIFA game nights, the atmosphere is electric with guests cheering for their favorite teams and on others, the music alone is enough to keep you engaged. We also host bachelor parties, birthdays, and kitty parties – adding an extra element of fun to your special times

A place of fun & frolic, this lounge bar is peppy enough to make you and your friends say,[quote] Tonight, lets just Bora Bora[/quote] .


155, Waterfield Road,

Bandra West ,

Mumbai – 400 050

Tel: 4263 6000-99 / 9167666734

Hours of operation: Noon to Midnight

Happy Hours: Noon to Midnight (Sunday – Thursday on select domestic alcohol)


Facebook page: httpss://


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