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Review about Breakfast at Eat Around the Corner by ilivetoeatblog.

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img_20140116_1406551I am a breakfast junkie. When at home i feel it is important to have a satisfying breakfast but when i am out i am always on the look out for some good breakfast options. I feel it is one of the most important meals of the day and the more interesting it is, the more exciting your day turns out to be.

I had breakfast over a meeting at Eat Around the Corner yesterday. English breakfast. But sadly wasnt too impressed by it.

I opted for an English breakfast with hot chocolate and a chocolate croissant.  Hot chocolate instead of tea since it was a cold day and a chocolate croissant instead of bread because i needed my chocolate fix for the day.

Food: The plate of food looked quite impressive in its presentation, but really the baked beans were a bit much, sausage a little less, the hash browns weren’t hash browns but beaten rice which was slightly burnt.

The omelette was however quite good and filling. I was thankful that was a saving grace in the meal. Also the hot chocolate and croissant took the meal from being mediocre to a bit more satisfying. Chocolate always saves i guess! The hot chocolate was actually hot and croissant was full of chocolate.

Service: At Eat Around the Corner i always expected prompt and courteous service and they adhered to it very well. Billing was smooth, service was smooth. Full marks.

Ambiance: I also love the ambiance at Eat Around the Corner. Lots of light, lots of food to eye when you are already eating, spotless clean and good amount of options for seating.


Food: 3/5

Service: 5/5

Ambiance: 5/5

Do go if you want a leisurely breakfast or an all day dining venue. Venue is great if you want to have a sit down discussion or quality time with your family. Very courteous staff.

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