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NOURISH – It is something most of us forget. Or take for granted.

Lost in the crazy merry-go-round we call life, many of us forget that food is not something to be feared, worshipped or abused. What you eat is what you are and it cannot be overemphasised how the food you give (your one and only) body impacts what you do, who you are and how you feel. To use the age old cliche of using only the best fuel for your brand new car (which may be very expensive but after all, is replaceable) as this will impact how it will run, how fast it goes and how it ages – are you doing your body justice by feeding it anything just to get by with a ‘eat to live’ philosophy? Your body is irreplaceable and only you can feed, respect and NOURISH it.

Build the right relationship with food, reach your goal weight and fight disease with Pooja Makhija at NOURISH. Having successfully catered to over 10,000 clients including professionals, housewives, Bollywood stars, CEOs, sports personalities, models and the like, Pooja will work with you through Diabetes, PCOS, heart disease, weight gain and MORE so that you can NOURISH your body through the plate and not through a pill. Pooja will also teach you how to reclaim this long-lost relationship with food, so you can not only reclaim the fit, healthy body you have always wanted to have, but also reclaim the life you have always wanted to live.

Eat. Energise. Glow. Nourish.


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