burgs 1Burgs – a gourmet burger joint serving an exquisite range of vegetarian and nonvegetarian burgers, salads, sides and more promises to offer some of the best burgers from around the world. Burgs offer great new combos and meal options to satiate your hungry taste buds and some coolers and thirst quenchers to beat the summer heat.

Every burger on the menu is inspired by culinary experiences from around the world.

Each made into a delicious burger using only the freshest ingredients, Burgs delivers gourmet goodness in every bite.

burgs 2

Savour the awesome French fries, the OOZY “Minced steak infused with aromatic cheese and arabiata Relish.Topped with superb mushroom & black pepper sauce”.

If you are in the mood for a heavenly mouth watering egg burger like nothing else in the world….try the Oeuf Burger infused with sauce hollandaise. Another awesome choice would be the Mac n Cheese Bomb burger which has made to the list of most popular burgers in town.

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You can’t miss out the best range of homemade extra spicy sauces and taste the love!!!

Try the range of salads that will surely refresh you or the all time favorite BBQ lamb at Burgs and Birdy Num Num, the kids’ favourite.

If you want to order a burger for lunch, the store delivery numbers at Carter road- 022 – 26042053,



104, Gagangiri Apartment,

Carter Road,

Bandra West,

Mumbai  – 400 050.

Centralised delivery number: 022- 65256677

Email: info@burgs.in

Facebook page: httpss://www.facebook.com/BurgsIndia


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