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Bandra witnesses a social and an extremely fun way to stay fit and healthy with Capoeira – an Afro Brazilian martial art. Combining elements of dance, martial arts, acrobatics, and music, Capoeira is unlike any other martial art. Capoeira believes in “play” rather than “fight”. It involves a combination of animal movements, kicks, escapes, and acrobatics. It is open and doable by men, women, children of any age, shapes, and size. Benefits of Capoeira include improved hand-eye coordination, enhanced gross and fine motor skills, lots of new friends and fun.

The classes in Bandra are conducted by Sucuri, who is the founder of the group Capoeira De Ouro and has been teaching Capoeira for four years. Classes are held on Monday and Wednesday from 0730 PM to 0900 PM at St Josephs Primary School, Near St Stanislaus School, Hill Road, Bandra West. The trial class is free.

For more information, please visit our group’s page – httpss://