Caravan Serai

Caravan Serai

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North-Western Frontier Cuisine.

Exuding a gypsy-like feel, Caravan Serai takes inspiration from the caravans of the East – the regions of the Northwest Frontier viz. Afghanistan, Iran, Peshawar, Kashmir and Iran to create an ambiance that you won’t easily forget.

Imbibing the the cultural richness of these ethnic places, Caravan Serai promises a culinary experience borne out of authenticity, where flavours and hospitality come together for a culinary feast. The dining space is an interesting amalgam – it is elegant and at the same time reflects the rustic charm of the bygone days when traders and pilgrims gathered and discussed everything from politics and poetry over hot meals.

Tables with a snug low-seating, delicate mirror curtains, dimly-lit lamps, tasteful handicrafts define the decor and faint tunes of punjabi and folk music set the mood for a lavish time. Enclosed in a jute casing are recipes your tastebuds will relish – there’s Raan-e-Pukhtan, Batte Ka Murgh, Lasooni Jinga, varieties of spicy Kebabs & Tikkas, and many more treasured creations your taste buds will tingle with.

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Cooked in fresh cream, desi ghee and fat-free butter, the food is rich and flavours robust. Watch your favorite naans, parathas and kebabs being cooked at the live counter. Accompany your meals with drinks from the bar, conventional favorites like Jaljeera, Lassi, Thandai, Chaas and many other exotic varieties like the ‘Serai Mix’ also find their place on the menu. Desserts like ‘Shabnam ke Moti’ which is a tempting mixture of Rabdi served with Baby Gulab Jamuns will surely please your sweet tooth. Served by staff in pathanis, the portions of each meal are generous and the whole experience – a sheer indulgence.

Frequented by families, corporate groups, young adults and students, Caravan Serai has an inherent warmth and love for good food that will surely make a place in your heart.

Caravan Serai has Special rates and Fixed Menus for Kitties, Corporate Groups and Get Togethers.


155, Waterfield Road,

Bandra West,

Mumbai – 400 050

Tel: 91-22-4263 6000-99 / 9167666747

Hours of operation: (Noon to 4.00 pm and 7.00 p.m to midnight)

Home delivery available


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