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Bandra in TimeOut 50 coolest neighbourhoods in 2018

Bandra is the queen of Mumbai’s suburbs, one of TimeOut 50 coolest neighborhoods in the World. This is where the stereotypical Indian contrasts meet at its extremes. The opulent and the decaying, the migrant and the nouveau riche, the hip and the traditional stand out starkly.

Bandra west – a thriller novel

Are you fond of reading thriller novels? Then there is a better option to you.” Bandra West ” is a fictional, thriller novel written in the Marathi language by a young writer, Milind Mahangade. If one gets anything easily then you will have to pay more in the future. It is the theme behind the story. Just a ten-rupee note, …

Bloodline Bandra Writer Begins Second Novel

It’s been about five months since I got back home from India. I recently met an English man in New York City, Danny Strongbow whose grandfather, Charlie Strongbow, was born and lived in Bombay, India during the British Raj. Danny had read Bloodline Bandra in London. He looked at me and said, “I need to show you something.” On his next trip …

A Excerpt from the novel Bloodline Bandra.

Godfrey Joseph Pereira is the author of ‘Bloodline Bandra’. He has been a journalist and a War Correspondent. Presently he is writing his next Novel: ‘Letters To Esther.’ He lives in The New York Area. Q} Tell me, how did ‘Bloodline Bandra’ start? G.J.P: The literature student in me had always wanted to document the way Roman Catholics in India …

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