Bandra in TimeOut 50 coolest neighbourhoods in 2018

Bandra is the queen of Mumbai’s suburbs, one of TimeOut 50 coolest neighborhoods in the World. This is where the stereotypical Indian contrasts meet at its extremes. The opulent and the decaying, the migrant and the nouveau riche, the hip and the traditional stand out starkly.

Review of the Book “The House at 43, Hill Road” by Brenda Rodrigues

 The Housing society is a micro democracy and corruption starts here. This Book is a tale of the fight between the writers family and the owners of the Select Corner.  Braz Rodrigues who built one of the first bungalows on Hill Road in the mid 1800’s. The book begins with the tale of the family tree. Braz Rodrigues belonged to …

Why Bandra Catholics are indifferent to their Bollywood neighbours?

I am not pleased with murals and chowks dedicated to bolllywood personalities. I love Bollywood, but I think all these stars are immortalised in their performances. They don’t need to have chowks named after them. Of-course the government has to do something for publicity. Naming a chowk after a famous Bollywood person is a no-brainer and cheap publicity. Ideally I …

Notes from the Launch of The house at 43, Hill Road.

The story of the house Joe’s grand father Braz Rodrigues built the palatial house at 43, Hill Road. Braz his children even his grandchildren were fluent in Portuguese and were very westernised. Braz married twice and inherited property of his first wife and got Rs 300 ( a tidy sum) dowry in his second marriage to Lydia. He had several …

An Air-conditioned study room at Hill road

I have been living in Bandra for 5 years. I am almost bored and feel I have explored every nook and cranny of this suburb. But sometimes there are surprises. I recently posted a image on Instagram of Ramkrishna Library in Khar asking whether the place was air-conditioned. Pat came a reply “Go to Gharda” , I thought this was …

Bandra Boy Dinesh D’souza an alumni of St. Stanislaus making news over Florida shooting tweet.

Dinesh D’souza was in news recently for mocking the florida school surviors. Though he has apologised on the tweet below. It is interesting to see a journey of a person from Bandra to being a former advisor to Reagan. So let us look at Dinesh D’souza past to know him better.   As per his school website Dinesh graduated from …

Meet Nerjis Shakir the 6 year old street photographer from Bandra.

The best thing for a parent to do is to teach your children a skill. But sometimes to our wonder our children don’t want to learn the skill we can give impart to them. This isn’t the case with Nerjis Asif Shakir, she is the grand daughter of Firoze Shakir, A prolific street photographer himself. Nerjis watching her grand father …

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