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Laughter Heaven – The Laughter Club.

Mr. Sabrewal, a film distributor in Mumbai, was going through the toughest phase of his life. Prolonged illness, depression and lack of family support almost pushed the once a healthy man to the brink of suicide. In your worst times, sometimes the best friends might also leave you to yourself. However, one of his closest friends and well wisher introduced …

MIG Cricket Club

In the early 60’s,The Middle Income Group (MIG) Colony was created in Bandra (East). The land was reclaimed land and had water logged pockets all around the colony. As the colony came to be established the sports enthusiasts of the colony started “The MIG Sports Club” in order to provide recreational facilities for the residents of MIG Colony. However, the …

The Bandra Gymkhana

Since its inception in 1935, The Bandra Gymkhana from small beginnings has been the bastion of sports, culture, literature and talent. With an objective  to provide the members of this institution with the usual advantages, conveniences, accommodations and social recreations of a good Catholic Club where sports, competitions and tournaments are promoted, since 2004, when its expansion took shape, it …

YMCA Bandra and Khar Danda Centre

The Young Men’s Christian Association in India seeks to unite men, women, youth and children as co-workers with God to promote mutually caring and loving human communities. It strives for a just society where oppression, exploitation and denial of life will be confronted and abolished. It believes in the sanctity of life and preservation of all creation. It stands for …

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