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Only 11 bungalows remain on Pali Hill

This article from TOI is a bit dated, and things might have changed, but a great piece of journalism, republishing it again.  The felling of bungalows in the leafy and exclusive oasis of Bandra’s Pali Hill has been recorded with dismal regularity. But the pace of redevelopment—and the growth of multi-storey towers—is staggering. Of the 32 bungalows that dotted Pali Hill’s meandering …

Lost Heritage – Godiwala Bungalow at Mount Mary Road.

One by one, we all know, the beautiful bungalows will disappear, I wonder how many heritage bungalows are still remaining. Godiwala Bungalow was listed on the heritage list and was mysteriously taken out of the list. This is a nicely shot video of Godiwala Bungalow in 1999, unfortunately seems the bungalow was demolished in 2002.  Acclaimed Film Director Bimal Roy lived here before he …

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