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How bottle masala made by East Indians of Bandra makes any dish taste good.

[box]The article written by Vikram Doctor was originally published in economic times on August 17, 2012, here is the link  Pictures credit :[/box] I don’t think I could have had a better introduction to bottle masala. I was working in advertising and one of my friends from work, Rajesh, invited me for lunch. He had just moved into a paying guest …

History of Bandra – The Queen of Bombay Suburbs

[box]This is the most definite guide to the history of bandra, I have reblogged it, for my readers convenience. (permission has been sought) The Original article source is here:[/box] This is so Interesting. It also gives the origin of the term “East Indian”. Bandra was a tiny fishing village inhabited by Kolis (fishermen) and farmers. It was acquired by the …

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