My meeting with Helmetgirl Bandra

I met Helmet-girl Bandra and was very impressed by her vigor and sincerity towards the betterment of Bandra. She has chosen a unique way to get her message across to the people. She wants to be the voice of the people, and she has plans for the same, but let

Meet Editor & Publisher Mr. Clarence Gomes of Bandra Times

I love the Bazaar Road market lane, and have walked the lane a thousand times, on this path you can’t help but notice a beautiful 148-year-old house marked “Bandra Times”. What really can put a smile on your face is the Bandra times message blackboard, where they have a satire

The story of sindhu sweets and snacks.

So far the area near Khar station is not gentrified, Other areas of Khar the tall building have replaced the beautiful old bungalows. Also with the advent of Khar social and Happipola it seems that these old places have their days numbered. On my way to Khar station, I have

An Interview With Bandra’s Beggar Poet.

We all lead life which more or less conforms to the expectations the society has from us. But what about people who stand out and pursue what their heart tells them and not what society expects them. It is said, Meditation is the single minded pursuit of what your heart

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