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Why Bandra Catholics are indifferent to their Bollywood neighbours?

I am not pleased with murals and chowks dedicated to bolllywood personalities. I love Bollywood, but I think all these stars are immortalised in their performances. They don’t need to have chowks named after them. Of-course the government has to do something for publicity. Naming a chowk after a famous Bollywood person is a no-brainer and cheap publicity. Ideally I …

Is the 365 days Mumbai Food Truck Park in Bandra a good idea?

The Mumbai Food Truck Park gathered lot of attention from the young. This is good news for the young whose lifestyle is of eating out but not having money in the wallet. My Argument For 365 days Food Truck Park in Bandra The number of pretentious food places in Bandra is beyond proportions. These pretentious restaurants hype up Bandra’s cool …

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