Now indulge in some Kolkotta style Puchka’s at Shree Gangour Sweets at linking road.

Shree Gangour Sweets has set up shop at Linking road, very close to National College. The Kolkotta Puchka comes highly recommended here, besides that you could try the Allu kabli and Samosa’s. Chaat Items They have all the regular chaat items like sevpuri, Raj Kachori, chola Batura. For the health conscious they serve multi-grain bread sandwiches and also have a …

Sweet bengal

It’s a nostalgic journey into the world of Sweet Bengal. Most traditional Bengali sweets have memories and sentiments attached to them, be it the Nolen Gurer Rossogolla, Chomchoms, Kheer Kodom and others. These have been created and recreated by many. But what is the real taste of a pure Bengali mishti? There are a million variations to a simple rossogolla. …

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