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This post was first published on Branded Bawi’s Blog here I’ve been a coffee person ever since I can remember. Until a self-inflicted weight loss spree I went on roughly three years ago where I drank copious amounts of green tea. (Eating a pizza and then drinking five cups of green

Review of Pack-a-Pav – the Indian burger.

Pack-a-Pav has set up a cute shop at Pali Hill, this is in the same lane which comes down from Pali hill towards candies, take the first right coming down from Pali Hill. (Finding the place could be a challenge). I have been craving for a burger, I didn’t want

Is this the best Shawarma in Bandra? – Marinate

Assad Dadan is our Guest Blogger; he blogs at Medium & Rare; this blog post was first published here ‘Purple Yellow Red and Blue’ by Portugal. The Man is playing on the headphones, Windy scenes from the outside and snacking on my preferred delicately wrapped middle eastern wrap from this


This article was is reblogged from Branded Bawi who first published the article here on her blog I have been feeling fairly uninterested to write recently; uninspired, and demotivated. That’s the reason why I have been declining restaurant review invitations left, right and center. And I haven’t been out scouting

Review of Shumz Cafe at 29th Road.

I have been watching the place for quite a while since the interiors were getting done, I thought the Sigdi guys were expanding next door. But then one fine day, the shutter was open, and I hesitantly walked in to see what they had to offer. The name Shumz cafe

Review of New Tea Villa Cafe at Hill Road.

The coffee shops business has seen a lot of consolidation happening and now is primarily reduced to two major players like Cafe Coffee day and Starbucks. All new cafes have decided to enter the marketplace via the domestic Tea route. Tea villa is the 3rd entrant into this space in

The story of sindhu sweets and snacks.

So far the area near Khar station is not gentrified, Other areas of Khar the tall building have replaced the beautiful old bungalows. Also with the advent of Khar social and Happipola it seems that these old places have their days numbered. On my way to Khar station, I have

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