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Resolve Conflict harmoniously & Build Life-Skills…with Aikido!

Backstory Many who grew up watching Bruce Lee movies, trained in martial arts which advocated punishing practices in body conditioning, to achieve a warrior-like status. Today, the world needs no further aggression than it already has, but safe practice & diversion of aggression, towards a more harmonious society. In 2006, an arts teacher at the American School of Mumbai, Brian …


There are couple of pothole reporting apps. Please use one of these to report the same. Maybe the number of complaints might mobilise the relevant authority. 1) SPOTHOLE APP – Android Link There is a petition pending for BMC to accept this pothole reporting app. The app uses three basic features already available in any smartphone — mobile camera, GPS …

Complaint filed against Rishi Kapoor for chopping tree branches.

The police had earlier registered a non-cognisable offence, the probe is now going on under the Preservation of Trees Act. According to a Times of India report, Kapoor stated that he had taken the required permissions beforehand and that his jealous neighbours are just unnecessarily harassing him by creating problems. Read more https://www.firstpost.com/entertainment/complaint-filed-against-rishi-kapoor-for-chopping-tree-branches-near-bandra-home-3515079.html

Sufi & Retro Live Music @ Moti Mahal Restaurant Bandra

Moti Mahal Restaurant in Bandra (W), a legacy restaurant known for North Indian delicacies, is now hosting Sufi & Retro Live Music Nights. Every Friday & Saturday, this family restaurant is resplendent with a lively ambience where guests enjoy delectable cuisine in the backdrop of soulful Sufi music or peppy retro numbers. Visit Moti Mahal, Bandra to enjoy a perfect weekend with your …

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