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Let’s Chocolati was created to offer a unique ‘Chocolati experience’.

Sensations to savour … designs to delight … Feel your tongue swirl deliciously around the velvety soft centered bonbons which include fresh sensations of orange, blueberry, strawberry, cooling mint, gianduja, caramello fleur de sel etc. Let your teeth wildly crunch into the Pralines of roasted almonds, pistachios, hazlenuts, cashew nuts, walnuts, various seeds and spices. Concept and inspiration for such …

Top 5 places for finding chocolate heaven in Bandra

Who would not love chocolate? Combining the best of ingredients, love and care, chocolatiers know how to create a magic that tastes as pretty as it looks. Where to buy the best chocolate in Bandra ? Our chocolate tour will help you choose. Check out these amazing chocolate destinations where passion and expertise create the best chocolate. Smooth texture and …

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