CCDT - 2 MILLION Lives Transformed since 1990!

CCDT believes in “A world where every child counts; A world of children living in dignity.”

To take this Vision forward CCDT has committed towards taking forward the national and state agenda of equal opportunities for all children and safeguard their rights to live with dignity. CCDT has worked for over 29 years to actively address deprivation and marginalization of communities and children in Mumbai’s slums, transforming over two million lives. Since 1990, CCDT has gone to the very last mile to reach children and families in crisis. Over the years, Leprosy, HIV/AIDS, Health & Nutrition, Child Protection and Adolescent Empowerment have emerged as the major domains of CCDT’s interventions, with a special focus on children and their families. CCDT employs a rights-based and need-based approach to empower the most deprived communities and consequently facilitates sustainable social change.


CCDT’s two broad Strategic Program Themes:


Under our Child Protection Program is our Key Crisis Intervention Center – Ashray which is located on Hill Road, Bandra. This Residential Care Programme is one-of-a-kind and probably the only home for children in need when there is no living support from the family or community. Through Ashray, we strive to provide a complete and wholesome childhood for children in crisis. The key components from children include Healthcare & Nutrition, Education, Recreation, Sports, Medical Support, Counselling, Legal Aid and Future Planning to transition and re-integrate back in the society successfully. Thus, providing them with equal opportunities to live the life they truly deserve!

We urge you to support our unique program and the cause of children. Your time, talent and treasure will help us reach more!


Our office:

Ground floor, 42 Chapel Road, Bandra West. Mumbai 400 050.