Chistmas festivities are best felt at Hill Road, Bandra

Chistmas festivities are best felt at Hill Road, Bandra

We highly recommend spending a few weeks leading up to Christmas at Hill Road, Bandra. You are ought to be surprised with the lavish celebrations and spirit of Christmas. It is truly a delight to take a detour in the by lanes. Every passing bungalow in the neighborhood decks up its exterior in gorgeous colored lights and shining ornaments. The Churches host special mass prayers in honor of lord Jesus. And the streets imbibe the true Christmas spirit with unique decorative hangings and Christmas ornaments.

Fun Fact- Salman Khan considers himself a mixed breed of Muslim, Hindu and Christian given the cosmopolitan nature of his family. Christmas is a huge festival for the film star and witnesses several celebrities flocking over to his Bandra residence.

Christmas at Hill Road, Bandra
Photo Courtesy – DNA India

Regardless of the community and background, most urban locals are excited to bring in Christmas. This may have a lot to do with a special childhood connect of believing in the beloved character of Santa Claus. Also schooling where one sang Christmas carols at themed annual parties. The highlight of the festival is found in the recipes baked specially for the occasion.

Here's how you can celebrate Christmas at Hill Road, Bandra

Pit Stop at Damian, Bandra

(Ahead of Mehboob Studios, before Galaxy Apartments)

A furniture store owned by Christians which undergoes a beautiful transformation annually at Christmas. Tastefully decorated with stories of the Christ, supported with several important characters of Santa Claus and his elves. Posing amid stunning virtual snow flakes and Christmas trees. There's enough photography scope while unraveling holy fables.

Shopping for Christmas at Hill Road, Bandra

One can be spoiled for choice with the wide ranging decor options at pocket friendly prices. Choose a unique indoor decor to suit your individual taste. Allow children to take the lead as you narrate the holy fables to them. Pick out special candles, garlands, stockings, Santa Claus miniatures and Christmas Trees. Like Diwali, even the Christmas spirit should be brought home.

For the ones with a sweet tooth

The special themed desserts are available only during the festive time. Hence, it is a must to indulge in plum cakes, Santa Claus cupcakes, rum delicacies and special Christmas cakes available at several bakeries like Hearsch, Cheron, Ribbons and Balloons, Monginis among others.

Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve

Mount Mary Bandra hosts the city's best mass prayers with Christmas Carols and songs starting from 11.30 pm on Christmas Eve. An exciting countdown unfolds with prayers sung to warmly bring in the divine birth of Lord Jesus.

The beautiful structure is lit up with candles of devotion and echoes with songs sung in unison. Everybody's belief and faith aligns magically on this special day.

It is interesting to know that the statue of beloved Mother Mary is supposedly brought by the Portuguese in the 16th century and she beautifully stands atop the Arabian sea holding her little one.

Ravee in Bandra

(1st floor, No.85 , Hill Road, Gitaneele Arcade, Ramdas Nayak Marg)

Ravee, a Chennai based Christmas outlet temporarily sets up shop around the time of the festivities. It has been annually hosting guests and loyal clientele since the past 14 years. It provides Christmas indoor inspiration.

Guests can admire the beautiful ornaments, decode the divine stories and consider shopping for missing or add-on items for Christmas given the high quality and durability of the products.

With such attractions in the neighborhood, we can't wait for you explore the place and its cultural treasure. Tag someone who you would take along.