Check out this Christmas video by Tanya Siqueira

Check out this Christmas video by Tanya Siqueira

The festive season is about to begin. You can feel the vibe in the streets.

I discovered this wonderful Christmas walk video by Tanya on her blog coffeedesk . With all the Christmas lights Bandra streets look pretty. Below is the video and quick Q & A.

What is your connection to Bandra?

I’m originally from Mahim, but my connection to Bandra is an old one. I’ve grown up shopping on Hill Road and Linking Road, eating pani puri at Karachi Sweets which used to be a small hole in the wall across the road from St.Peters, studying at St.Andrews and now living here for the past decade.

What are your favourite place to shop in Bandra?

It’s a mish mash of oldies but goodies and new upstarts that are slowly becoming Bandra favourites.

Fun Fashion – Cherry Fig, Cotton On and Anokhi.

 – Beautiful to stock up and Glory’s on Waterfield Rd for the most experienced beauticians.

 – Mini Punjab, Sweet Bengal, American Express Bakery, Annapurna and the aunty who sells fresh sanas and fugias outside St.Peters Church for fresh stuff every time.

Books – Happy Bookstall & Title Waves – they still know their books and treat them with respect, unlike Crosswords.

Stationery –
Virat paper mart and Janta on the road to Bandra station

 – Laxman, the phoolwalla outside St.Andews Grounds gates – he has fresh blooms, is far cheaper than the fancier florists and is a very happy soul.Orchids etc – for the the nicest Orchids in the city. They also do monthly rentals for Orchids.

All things two wheels – 
jcMoto ( and Garage 52 for custom bike stuff.

Pet stuff – Santosh Aquarium – near Sarvodaya rental library – for all things aquatic Pet Story at Pali Naka for all else. (They also have home delivery and a resident boss cat just outside the door you shouldn’t try and pet😊)

Phew! And that’s the shortlist.

What is the one thing you wouldn’t like to change about bandra?

The gorgeous canopy of trees that is disappearing far too quickly.

How did you come with the idea for this Christmas vlog ?

As is the case with many pockets around the city, festive times of the year really bring out the creative best. All the bylanes and main streets really shine during that time of the year. That video was actually shot on the 25th night. A Christmas walk around Bandra, if you will!

Is Christmas your favourite time of the year in Bandra? Any special places to shop during Christmas?

Christmas definitely ranks high on my list of favourite times to live in this part of the city, but there’s so much more to the place than just this.
As for Christmas shopping, all I’ll say is don’t leave it to the last minute. There is nothing Christmassy about traffic jams, tacky baubles and people fighting over your head to get to the new LED lit tree.
Instead, watch for the Christmas bazaars that pop up at the Bandra Gym and Salsette ground spaces. There’s usually plenty of food, nick knacks and if your lucky live music and inexpensive alcohol to make the trip worthwhile.

Who is @coffeedesk ?

Tanya Siqueira is writer, travel gear enthusiast and blogger at Follow her travel clicks and gear reviews @coffeedesk on Twitter and Instagram.