Here's how you can plan an insane evening at some of Bandra's most quirky hangouts

Here's how you can plan an insane evening at some of Bandra's most quirky hangouts

Never a dull moment in the vibrant neighborhood of Bandra courtesy patent Bandra hangouts. Undeniably, every other plan ends up in the good old Bandra, and rightly so! 

Our social plans are as important as our professional commitments. Being socially active gives us freedom, a sense of unity, like mindedness and a new perspective.  As you discover yourself in some such meets with fresh conversation and a new found opinion, we back you up with best Bandra hangouts.

A well planned evening with people who matter does a great amount of good to our personalities, mood, productivity and friendships. After all, food is the common link between two or more amazing souls. It is a conversation starter, a mood booster, and a catalyst of sorts between the exciting meets. 

Leave your worries on us, as you initiate the next weekend plan with your friends. Curating a list of quirky Bandra Hangouts for every seeker out there! 

Team Bandra Info, like any other good friend steps in to help you manage your time and money well. 

The Looney, The Lover and The Poet
The Looney, The Lover and The Poet

1. The Looney, The Lover and The Poet. 

Ground Floor, Shubhgan Hotel, Off Carter Road, Khar West

For anyone seeking a unique artsy experience, an outing to 'The Looney, The Lover and The Poet', is highly recommended. Named after Shakespeare's play 'Midnight Summer's Dream', this cozy corner in Khar is strategically designed to accommodate romantic dates and high energy bar nights.

The roofs engulf you in beautiful hues of dangling umbrellas and hand fans. Angel signs set a soothing vibe to the place. Colored interiors set the tone for a cheerful evening.

Cuisine & what to order ?

Cuisine – Continental

Craft Beer, Coffee Sangria, Chocolate Fudge, Gin Fizz ( Chef's special) and Chicken Kebabs.

Best time to visit

Sunday Brunch

How much for two?

Approximately INR 1500/- for two.

Bhaijaanz, Off Carter Road

2. Bhaijaanz Restaurant

Shirley Rajan Road, Rizvi Complex, Bandra West

Every Bhai fan will flock to this rather quirky Bandra Hangout. The place is replete of Bhai's blockbuster posters, patent hairstyles in each of his winning film decade, and the menu customized to boast of some of his humongous hits.

It is technically a dinner date with Salman Khan, as his vibe and personality is well captured into the decor, mood and food.

Cuisine and what to order?

North Indian, Chinese & Mughalai. Order delicious butter chicken, bhuna ghosht, dum biryani and firni

Best time to Visit

Eid or Salman Khan's latest release

How much for two?

Approximately INR 900/- for two

3. Cuckoo Club & Candies

Next to Learners Academy, Pali Hill, Bandra West

Combining these amazing adjacent Bandra Hangouts to provide for a great outing. Catch a dramatic play, fiction or satire, stand up act or monologue, at the energetic Cuckoo Club and then head to Candies for a satiating meal.

You will enjoy the wit and impromptu talent at the Cuckoo Club, and give into the inherent cozy vibe of Candies which is beautifully lit, in true colonial style.

Cuisine and what to order?

American, North Indian and Chinese. Order Chocolate Milkshake, Butter Chicken and Dragon Chicken. Try out the salads.

Best time to Visit

Coinciding with a play of your choice / any weekend

How much for two?

Approximately INR 1000 for two ( Cuckoo Club & Candies combined)

4. Hoppipola

759, 5th Lane, Ram Krishna Nagar, Khar West

This beautiful spirited corner invites like minded lunatics. Shake a leg or break one, return to your pint of beer, grow your business and property in a game of monopoly and come back to international and Bollywood hits.

Get the pattern? Now make this a weekend routine.

Cuisine and what to order?

Continental. Non veg Murg Platters, Chicken Popcorn and Peach Iced Tea.

Best time to Visit

Any Weekend

How much for two?

Approximately INR 1500/-

5. Taj Mahal Tea House

Reclamation, Bandra West

Engage in meaningful conversation or enjoy the beautiful silence over a hot cup of tea. Choose from a wide variety of spices to order your custom tea or pick out a unique brewed coffee.

Feel like royalty at Taj Mahal Tea House as you sip from exquisite cutlery and enjoy the warmth of the indoors.

Cuisine and what to order?

Cafe, tea. Bun Maska, Bold Spices Tea, Kashmiri Saffron Tea, Filter Coffee.

Best time to visit

Evening or Morning / Tea time

How much for two?

Approximately INR 1000/- for two

Now that you're equipped with decent knowledge of the new quirky hangouts in Bandra, we suggest you plan one weekend at a time. Let us know your reviews, plans and experiences of the above mentioned places. Bandra Info will keep you in the loop so you never miss out on a fun outing.

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