China Gate

China Gate


The flagship restaurant of the China Gate Group, this fine-diner holds a place of pride for the brand. Over the years China Gate Restaurant has not only become a neighbourhood favorite but also earned an esteemed reputation for being among the city’s most refined places to dine.

In its chic environs, replete with Asian wallpapers, hand-painted murals, polished furnishings and dimly lit lamps; families, corporates and young adults enjoy a quintessential & refined culinary experience. The soft music, perfect lighting, tables set in a way that allow adequate privacy – this is also the ideal place if you have a special date or want to savor a quiet dinner with loved ones. The whole atmosphere oozes a great combination of simplicity & elegance that is both cozy and classy.

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Bringing together an assortment of delicious delights from the Chinese provinces, the a la carte menu assures preparations that mirror authentic flavours of the East and a finesse that can be credited to a great attention to detail by its chefs. Burnt Garlic Pot Rice, Coriander Pot Noodles, Chicken Korean Rice, Lobster in Dual Sauce, Pomfret in Shanghai Style, Crab in Yellow Bean, Fish in Black Bean Sauce, Lobster Singapore Sauce are some of the most sought-after offerings from our elaborate menus that even features vegetarian items. Fresh melontini, Cling Sour, cool cocktails, fruit-based drinks and a select range of premium liquors and spirits can be enjoyed from the bar. Different types of pancakes, pastries and many inventive creations like Honey Noodles ensure a sweet end to your meal.

What adds an extra element of spice to China Gate are its food festivals that happen at a rotational basis. Special menus during Chinese celebrations and other Indian festivities throughout the year make it an exciting gastronomic spot to visit with friends and family.

For indulging in authentic Chinese in a chic setting that will satiate your taste buds and not burn a hole in your pocket, we welcome you to China Gate.

China Gate – A Legacy, A Neighborhood Favorite


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Bandra West,

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