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choko la 1Choko la (it is believed that the word chocolate is derived from the Mayan verb choko la’j, pronounced Choko la, which means, “to drink chocolate together.”) is a celebration of the universally loved food, to be enjoyed in the company of family and friends.

Choko la is all about Pure chocolate, its universal appeal as an ageless and alluring comfort food that transcends social, demographic and cultural boundaries. We want to pay homage to its origins and its travels throughout the world

Where it all began…

Driven by a passion for chocolates, Cosmic Kitchen was born out of a desire to share that passion with the world With that in mind, Vasudha Munjal, a third generation entrepreneur from the renowned industrialist family of Hero MotoCorp fame, created Choko la – A boutique for only the finest chocolates that now has many successful outlets and a state of the art manufacturing unit based in Delhi NCR. Ms. Munjal’s keen interest in chocolate took her to Cordon Bleu, London followed by the Barry Callebaut Academy in Singapore. Equipped with a blend of passion, confidence and talent, Ms. Munjal is all set to share her love for all things chocolate with the rest of the world.

Passion for chocolate

So deep is our passion for chocolate, that we brought the finest coverture chocolate from Europe right here to India. Committed to using only the best and finest quality ingredients, Choko la has simply perfected the art of making chocolate. From delicious, handmade chocolates and pastries, to artisan creations, our pastry chefs, trained by renowned French pastry masters, create bits of heaven that will simply inspire you to indulge.

chocola 2Desserts & Pastries

A stunning array of deliciously decadent signature Desserts & pastries.

They are also the focal point of the plated desserts that bring on a whole new approach to indulging your desire.

Desserts are no longer only about celebrations, but are concise delights that complete any meal. A well made pastry makes a table come alive and has the ability to put a smile on anyone’s face. You don’t need an occasion to enjoy our delectable array of pastries and desserts! Our desserts and pastries come in portion sizes too, that way each person in your group can choose exactly which slice they’d like to enjoy. Makes things simple, doesn’t it!

The Choko la kitchen thrives on culinary innovation. Here, cakes are not mere sweet dishes, partaken after meals, they are an experience. A sensation so divine, you can never try just one. Indulge in our wonderfully sinful Sugar Free Chocolate Mousse or go European with our signature Desserts. Our selection of tarts brings you the all time classics, lemon and chocolate tarts, the Choko la way.

Cupcakes at Choko la are special little treasures. Each one gives you the feeling of enjoying your very own personalized miniature cake. Which can only mean one thing?! Cupcakes are a mini celebration on their own. Come celebrate life at Choko la and choose from exotic range of cup cakes that come in flavors for all occasions.

Choko la pops are the ultimate surprise at Choko la. This is where we constantly innovate, so that our treats are not only exquisite on the palate but are visually stunning too. Choko la pops change with the seasons, celebrate each occasion and are a favourite with children. Come, enjoy our new wonderful creations and watch out for the new arrivals in our “What new” section, only at Choko la!

Designer Cakes

The joy of digging into a good cake is unparalleled. It makes the weather better, the air sweeter and your heart sing. Come sing with us, over divinely delectable cakes at Choko la, where chocolate comes alive!

Special occasions call for something truly unique. Something that captures the mood of the day. The characteristics of the person. The importance of the event.

Special occasion cakes celebrate special people, special days, and the special events in our lives. Make it truly memorable with a custom designed cake created for you by Claires and presented by Choko la.

Choko la is proud to announce its collaboration with a veteran in the world of Cake making- Mrs. Claire Dutta; who has been instrumental in spreading the joy and cheer of fancy cakes for over two decades now.

She specializes in wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and other chocolate delicacies. Her cakes are widely recognized as edible chocolate masterpieces – all created according to the urge of the customer. Claires cakes have been actively involved in setting a trend and culture of creating the most sensational handcrafted designer cakes today and we at choko la are privileged to be able to carry this legacy on…

Choko la’s designer cakes are edible custom works of art masterfully decorated with exquisite hand painted sugar flowers, berries, leaves and ribbons creating something so exquisite and charming they will take your breath away..

Come celebrate those special moments and memories with us…

chocola 1The Bakery

A team of European trained bakers create an artisanal bakery selection maintaining integrity with established traditional techniques and applying them in a modern context for a lighter, wholesome more innovative product.

Who can deny the fact that the aroma of fresh baking is heavenly, because it is! The bakers at Choko la bring you a selection of freshest gourmet breads, made with the finest quality ingredients to serve you the finest quality bread. Choose from classics like Whole wheat and Multigrain or try something eclectic like our very own creation of Sundried Pesto Olive & Cheese crunch. A creation so fine, it will have you coming back for more. Our bakery also serves a selection of tea cakes, light and wholesome, perfect for your evening beverage. If you enjoy your baked goodies on the go, you can choose from a wide range of muffins, Danish pastries and croissants and enjoy the blissful contentment of fresh baking at Choko la….

Gifts by Occasions

Soft centre delicate French confection made of various exotic filling and textures enrobed in chocolate

Artisanal hand -made chocolates by chokola are the perfect gifts for any occasion.

Whether you want to give your client a gift of appreciation or recognize a good employee, chocolates are a perfect idea. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries a time to show people you care about , or that they are special; with our abundant selection of flavours and fillings and a range of packaging options, we have the ideal gift you wish to gift…

We will be delighted to discuss personalized or customized orders.

Showcasing chocolate in its purest, unadulterated and most luxurious state, the ultra chic chocolate cafés promise to be a haven for chocolate and confectionery connoisseurs. These chocolate boutiques feature India’s largest collection of finely crafted, handmade artisan chocolates. Complementing this exquisite range there is a signature selection of inspired confectionery and fresh bakery . These chocolates also feature as hot or cold beverages. The interiors of our cafes and chocolate boutiques indelibly exude a sense of contemporary chic and but also warmth and a sense of place!

Designed by leading interior design firms the spaces simply exude a sense of decadence that befits Choko la’s ultimate purpose – to celebrate chocolate!

We invite all chocolate connoisseurs to indulge in our world of chocolate and embrace this divine culture.


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