Committee for the Right to Housing

Committee for Rights to housing (CRH) is a housing rights organization based in Mumbai. It came into existence in 1985 in response to widespread demolition and violation of housing rights of the poor in the city.

CRH believes that housing is the basic human right, which is very closely related to right to life guaranteed by the Indian Constitution under Article 21. It believes that processes of development that result in involuntary displacement of people should be questioned and resisted. In urban areas where displacement is rampant it becomes very necessary to assert the rights of the poor.

CRH through its multiprong strategies works at the grassroots level in association with CBOs, NGOs and with the communities aiming at political and human right education while searching for an alternative for establishing a right to the city, a right to participate and a right to govern.

CRH also comprises of a network of organizations supporting them in making solid understanding about housing rights, educating them through training programme and helping them at the time of crisis. CRH has vocational training programmes for women, helps in education and has also done research in various areas.

1. The context of Mumbai

A. The case of Mumbai’s Development and shrinking spaces for poor.

B. Encroaching the spaces of poor: Airport Development in Mumbai

2. A case of invisible urban homeless – Pumpapur

3. Market Driven rehabilitation policy and urban poor: A case of Siddharth Nagar

4. Being Powerless as urban poor

5. Women Survivors: A case of Behrampada


Committee for the Right to Housing

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