Conservation awards for Cyclists in all fields by Young Environmentalists on earth Hour.

Conservation awards for Cyclists in all fields by Young Environmentalists on earth Hour.

Corporator of Bandra A.Zakaraia, Sameer Rai of Giants Cycles, Faisal Thakur of Pro9 Bandra and Philantrophist Cyclist Rakesh Bakshi among many others win Conservation Awards at Bandra Cyclothon.

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The Cyclothon for Earth Hour by Young Environmentalists saw almost 190 to 200 cyclists at Carter Road Bandra support the conservation ride for the fight against climate change and global warming.The Cyclothon Carnival by Young Environmentalists for Earth Hour was done in association with Bandra West Residents Association, Starkenn Giants Bikes, and Corporator of Bandra A.Zakaria. The crowds and cyclists were all treated to a lovely breakfast, and all were awarded participation certificates. The Maharashtra Cycling Federation and the Traffic Police along with the BMC Government Ambulance as well as the Topsline Emergency setup and Powerhouse Gym provided good safety, fitness and logistic partners for the event. Helmet Girl Lisa Sadanah was the safety Ambassador fo the cyclothon for Young Environmentalists and the NCC cadets provided security by Payal Garg.The participants went home with concrete messages of Earth Hour.

Royal Tuskers for safety marshals for cyclothons over the years, Rakesh Bakshi for donating cycles to local needy comuters, Nigel Smith British Cyclist for his contribution to the cycling industry, Corporator Of Bandra Asif Zakaria for promoting cycling tracks in Carter Road, Sameer Rai of Giants Starkenn for promoting cycling for community conservation, Poonam Garg  for promoting cycling among girl cadets, Harish Wahi Road safety, Vetran foldie famous cyclist Pankaj Patil for MBBCC [Mira Road Bhayandhar Cycling Club] for biggest group of cyclists at the cyclothon for Earth Hour, Johaan Daniels for adventour and nature trail cycling, Faisal Thakur for customizing special bikes for special outdoors, Venessa Caesar  cycles to work ,  Jayaram Shetty long distance cycling feats, Sunil Gandhi for  Promoting Cycling for Foodies group, Vaibhavi  Shitut of WWF, Rama Bishoi for conservation of Arey Colony, Cyclists Shashishekar and Devika Pathak for creating Bamboo cycles, Shammi Sethi for veteran cyclists of Bandra promoting young cyclists among many more were awarded during the cyclothon by Young Environmentalists. Asif Zakaris an avid cyclist who has done much for the cycle lanes in Bandra said, ” Am proud of the Young Environmentalists NGO and am sure we can all do our bit to promote conservation.This cyclothon at Carter Road was a good awareness for climate change and Earth Hour.”

The organisers were very brave to conduct the evening musical carnival despite the Indo-Pakistan cricket matches on at the same time as well as Board examinations ongoing for college and school students, as well as the Budget sessions going on for the Mayor and the government officials,but good awarness was created to mark the date putting Mumbai on the gobal map of Earth Hour Celebrations worldwide.

The evening saw the Earth Hour Carnival by Tanya Satish hosted by Creed.  Deanne Panday the Celebrity Fitness Guru graced the musical evening by the Bandra Ocean side while the Dharavi Rocks and Secret Society of Drummers played during the sunset welcoming the Earth Hour.The musical evening marked the occassion together with the whole world which switched off lights at 8.30pm to 9.30pm on March 19th, 2016. Tanya Satish also distrbuted Solar lanterns to the Dharavi children to help them study and practise their music post-dusk at their homes. Later the evening saw paper lanterns released into the air along with the candle light vigil to join the worlds conservation hour. Said Tanya Satish of Creed, ” We must start conservation in our backyard,thats why gifting solar lanterns to the Dharavi slum kids is the best way to start conservation for them.Please do join us in contributing towards more solar lanterns to these kids.”

You may contact Tanya Satish to join the Solar Lights movement at 9930768264.