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Curio Cottage


curio1Nothing says accessories better than Curio Cottage. If you are searching for style with a touch of sophistication, then you’ve come to the right place – a place where accessories spell out elegance.

Style is an aspect that should be accessible to everyone. Hence, ours is the one store where you will find studded necklaces, dainty bracelets and shimmering earrings and a wide variety of so many more drop-dead amazing pieces all at rates that your purse will later thank you for!

So don’t hesitate for a moment yet to come; whether it is to stay on top of a trend or just to add an elegant touch to your outfit, Curio Cottage is the place to be.


The Victorian era was known for its regality and grandeur. With our designs, we endeavor to create jewelry that purely speaks of these values and one that is pure brilliance. With our Victorian line, our priority is to rings out the true splendor and magnificence that the wearer holds inside.



Being inspired by art is one part of it and bringing that out in our creations is out highest purpose. Whimsical, subtle and contemporary; we make it a point to bring out the true soul of art, through the pieces we craft.


At Curio Cottage, we make sure that our jewellery comes out with a modern twist. With fine cuts and lively patterns, it is through our designs that we strive to embolden the latest trends on classic pieces. At the same time we like to have a fresh renewed take on a design worth its time.



Staying true to our roots is important and we make sure that comes across in our designs as well. The spirit of our vivacious, magnificent country has a strong bearing on what we create. With intricate patterns and vibrant colours, bringing out the essence of the place is what we aim to create.

The Ethnic Collection from Curio Cottage brings to focus the traditions of our country in a festive, flamboyant manner.


Crystal Blue Building,

16th Road, Khar West,

Mumbai – 400052

Ph: 02226483307 / 02226489908


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