Delectable Indian Cuisine by Copper Haandi

Delectable Indian Cuisine by Copper Haandi

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When you think of “Delectable Indian Cuisine” the name Copper Haandi follows.

The taste of Indian Cuisine varies from extremely mild to spicy, and is often associated with a distinctive aroma complimented with the taste of ground and whole spices.

Known for its diversity in food, cuisines differ considerably from each other and are prepared with natively available spices, herbs, meat, vegetables and fruits.

Copper Haandi takes pride in exquisitely introducing a range of divergent Indian cuisine; with its signature touch of unparalleled execution of artistic methods. Copper Haandi believes in ‘Projection of Perfection’ and that’s precisely why perfection is emphasized at every level of performance, from commencement-to-accomplishment.

Copper Haandi sets the highest standards, which includes the usage of the most Finest and Freshest ingredients in all of its preparations. Meat is tender, fresh & most importantly HALAAL.

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Oil is of prime importance, and it is made sure that Refined Sunflower Oil (0% Cholesterol) is used while cooking. The Herbs and Spices (Masalas) used are specially customized for these unrivalled dishes and are of Export Standard. And that is precisely why the final serving is remarkably unique and distinctly unmatched.

Copper Haandi takes pleasure in executing all catering requirements:

  • Grand Wedding Affair
  • Formal Luncheon
  •  Conference
  • Business meeting
  • Private party
  • Lunch/Dinner Home party
  • Grand Banquet/Buffet

Services offered include:

  • Complete planning & execution of your event customized as per your requirement.
  • Pre-event Menu & Quantity consultation.
  • Complete Cuisine samples presented before any event, on request (event-minimum 100 people)
  • Meat is Strictly HALAAL.
  • Special offers for festive seasons.

Copper Haandi makes sure your occasion is catered to; with grandeur and precision. So whether its 10 people or more than 10000, small gatherings or grand gala affairs, the operational methods and quality is always standard & consistent, customized to suit your requirements.


Copper Haandi recently ventured into the Events & Exhibition Segment post associating itself with Pinnacle Hospitality Solutions.

Copper Haandi puts its best to ensure that every preparation bears the IQEQ Stamp of Impeccable Quality and Enormous Quantity so that every preparation results in, not just mere satisfaction, but leaves an indelible mark of the best food your taste buds have ever been subject to.

Copper Haandi looks forward to continue tempting guests to indulge in its sumptuous delicacies.


Copper Haandi,

24, Anand Sagar,

Bandra Reclamation,

Bandra (West),

Mumbai 400050

Ph: +91- 9167056775