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Delicious Pizza at California Pizza Kitchen, BKC.

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This week, I caught up for a lunch with a business partner and while we had originally planned for Powai, we ended up meeting at BKC for lunch. I know just one restaurant in BKC and we ended up going to California Pizza Kitchen or CPK.  Located just as you enter BKC on the right side in Maker Maxity, this easy to find restaurant is a pizza lover’s paradise. They also serve pastas and a few mains options and are thankfully not Indianised. Read this link for my CPK review for Makati, Manila. https://allaboutfood.in/?p=87

Originally Reviewed at  https://allaboutfood.in/.
Originally Reviewed at https://allaboutfood.in/.

At the BKC, timing is everything. We got there about 1 pm and that was just before the main lunch crowd arrived though the place was buzzing. So we snagged a good table. I hadn’t eaten at CPK since I started my blog though used to be a regular as its a mid point restaurant between Bandra and Kurla where a good friend lives. This was also the first time I got there for lunch. I had a Passion Fruit Ice Tea and a Thin Crust Mushroom pizza which has different kinds of mushroom including Shitake mushrooms. Its delicious and quite a generous portion. The service was great even though it was so busy. From water, to the oregano, chilli flakes, bill etc everything  happened relatively quickly. If you haven’t been to CPK yet, do check it out. There is also a smaller one at Phoenix. Outdoor seating is an option for dinner tho I havent tried it yet. The only downer is the Rs. 20 pay n park the valet charges you – i guess the price you pay for BKC real estate parking.

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