Dessange Salon and Spa

Dessange Salon and Spa


Post-war France revolutionized female beauty, abandoning a fixed fashion standard for more fluid lines and lighter silhouettes. In Paris, young hairdresser, Jacques Dessange crowned this new generation of free women by creating innovative, elegant and natural cuts. Pioneer of hairstyles full of movement which enhance the face, he established the Coiffé-Décoiffé (“”messy look””) technique which led to his success.

In 1954, to give free rein to his creativity, Jacques Dessange opened his first salon on the Champs-Elysées – soon to become a famous “temple” where hairdressing and global beauty were reinvented on a daily basis. The generous ambition which has driven the brand forward since its creation is still, even now, modeled on this historic salon that has since moved to 39, avenue Franklin Roosevelt where the heart of Maison DESSANGE continues to beat.

In the 60s, the pioneer spirit and professionalism of Maison DESSANGE made a real name for the company. It launched the “Prestige Shows”, spectacular demonstrations which, every year, brought together hairdressing professionals in the Cirque d’Hiver venue in Paris. In its desire to bring about the reign of beauty, the brand expanded worldwide, while its founder created training centers around the world where the trade is handed down with passion to the future architects of glamour.

Today, this same passion drives all the key players of Maison DESSANGE, today chairmes by Benjamin Dessange, expanded by its elegant legacy and forever turned towards the future. With 500 salons spread throughout more than 45 countries, it exerts its influence and know-how across the globe.


While the necessity of a solidarity-based ecological policy has become apparent, Maison DESSANGE is proud to count itself among the key players of change. Its ambition is commensurate with its responsibilities: an ethical commitment and an eco-responsible process are at the heart of the brand via an everyday action with regard to women and a range of high-quality natural products.

Celebrating all women

Because women have been building the brand for more than 60 years, Maison DESSANGE celebrates them and accompanies them outside of the salons. Beauty care such as that championed by DESSANGE maintains respect for dignity and the importance of the care and attention shown to others. The brand invests, in particular, in women in hospital by donating part of their profits from the sale of their product ranges to the Beauty Centers of the CEW France association.

CEW France provides free beauty care in more than twenty hospitals, showing that “beauty is not trivial but something that helps women to enjoy a better quality of life”.

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Responsible luxury

With a concern for preserving the environment and biodiversity, the brand has already implemented an energy-saving plan as well as a responsible purchasing plan for raw materials. Maison DESSANGE prefers the use of natural active ingredients in its formula compositions so the finished product has reduced environmental and societal impact. In its laboratories in Brittany – a region rich in natural raw materials and leader in marine biotechnology – DESSANGE creates products that comply with a profound respect for humankind.

In light of its carbon footprint, DESSANGE Paris has created a sulfate-free prestige range, presented in cardboard boxes from sustainably managed forests. An avant-garde brand, DESSANGE had already created the PHYTODESS range. These exceptional hair care products contain, on average, 80% of ingredients of natural origin: clays, essential oils, mineral trace-elements, vegetable and marine extracts, precious stones and metals, vegetable origin cleansing bases.

DESSANGE, an active, willing and glamorous brand has thus artfully combined elegance with scientific efficacy, high-quality expertise, the pleasure of a luxury brand and the abundant richness of an eco-friendly approach.


A setting dedicated to women’s beauty

Maison DESSANGE is now an undisputed reference in upmarket hairstylists and luxury. Every day, around the world, women cross the threshold of a DESSANGE salon to entrust it with their hair. DESSANGE has now developed its salons so that they have become, more than ever, veritable temples devoted to women’s beauty in its entirety: hairdressing, skincare and make-up, a Hair Spa, a City Spa… a place where women are celebrated and their beauty sublimed!

In this harmonious gynaeceum in soft tones of white, black and champagne, technical mastery and attention to detail prevail from these aesthetes who also comb out tangled spirits!

The art of shampooing

In a studio-type atmosphere with a harmonious mix of twinkling diffuse lights and a black stone floor embedded with bits of silver, the shampoo area provides the framework for a privileged moment of well-being and care.

Beauty advice area

For DESSANGE, beauty rhymes with harmony; Harmony between the shine of hair, the freshness of skin and the elegance of make-up. Faithful to this notion of overall beauty, DESSANGE has created a private and elegant space where beauty advisers provide precious tips on how to take care of your skin and enhance it thanks to the skincare and make-up ranges by DESSANGE.thanks to the skincare and make-up ranges by DESSANGE.


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