Detective Nau Do Gyarah this weekend at St. Andrews auditorium

Detective Nau Do Gyarah this weekend at  St. Andrews auditorium

By Manju Sampat

Aadyam, the Aditya Birla Group’s theatre initiative, opens its fourth season with a riveting comedy, Detective Nau Do Gyarah, which is performed by Atul Kumar’s Company Theatre, and also directed by him. Bandra audiences will be regaled by this heady, mesmerising play this coming weekend, when it opens at St. Andrews auditorium.

This play has a stellar cast that comprises of luminaries like Neil Bhoopalam, who is best known for his performance in the TV show 24, and is also a popular theatre actor. Lending him support are Niketan Sharma, Gagan Dev Riar, Mrinmayee Godbole, Rachel D’Souza and others.

Detective Nau Do Gyarah is a gripping gangster comedy that is set against the backdrop of the Bombay of the black and white era. Its protagonist Shekhar Kumar is an ordinary man who has an extraordinary story to tell. A casual evening at the legendary Opera House leads to a fast paced chase for our unsuspecting hero when gunshots interrupt the show. A mysterious damsel in distress seeks his help, when lo and behold he finds himself facing the Bombay Mafia and eventually an international spy ring as well. Shekhar Kumar becomes the man of the hour as he races against time to stop the evil machinations of the international spy ring that plans to unleash a treacherous scheme to bring our nation to its military knees. Shekhar Kumar is the country’s last hope and despite the fact that foe and friend have him on their wanted list, our hero comes through and saves the day. Audiences will love Shekhar Kumar’s irresistible persona and his tale of whirlwind romance, murder, deceit and suspense. The play’s fast paced, gripping, visual and narrative style only adds to its appeal as a play in the Noir style.

Director Atul Kumar says that the inspiration behind working on this play was his “love of Graphic Novels, Gangster films, the Noir Genre, Bollywood of the black & white era and, of course, a major influence were Hitchcock & Chaplin. To imagine a theatre performance that could bring all of these worlds together was a dream come true.” Aadyam’s new artistic director, Shernaz Patel, who replaces Divya Bhatia, adds, “The play is a crazy caper. Full of music and mayhem and lots of masti. It transports us back to a more innocent time when Mumbai was still Bombay and cinema was still in black and white”.

And it doesn’t stop there. The adventure, the mystery, the chaos of Detective Nau-Do-Gyarah is set to the swing and jazz tunes of a live band while the visual landscape of the production is a fitting throwback to smoky gangster films. The play has been written by Pallav Singh and Niketan Sharma. Do see it folks. Tickets can be bought from BookMyShow.