Dial 105 - Emergency First Aid for Heart Attack

Dial 105 - Emergency First Aid for Heart Attack

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Emergency help for heart attack victims is now just a phone call away. All one has to do is DIAL 105. The BOMBAY HEART BRIGADE ensures that emergency first aid is rushed to any person who has suffered a heart attack.

The BOMBAY HEART BRIGADE was launched as an experiment in 1995. The BOMBAY HEART BRIGADE has been so designed that it can be duplicated in any city/town in India.

Since its inception in 1995, the BOMBAY HEART BRIGADE has received more than 3000 calls. And it is estimated that more than 3000 lives have been saved since the first three “hospital stations” were commissioned on Republic Day, 26th January, 1995.

This service is provided free of charge to every citizen who calls up the special emergency telephone number – ‘105’

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When you DIAL 105, the phone rings in the Intensive Care Cardiac Unit (ICCU) of a “hospital station” serving your area. A cardiologist picks up the phone and attends your call. He calls back to confirm your address, and then the cardiac ambulance rushes off with its team.

The Bombay Heart Brigade connects to Lilavati Hospital (Bandra East and West, Khar East and West).

On reaching the patient, the team renders first aid and stabilizes him/her so that the heart does not suffer any further damage. The doctor gives the patients relatives his diagnoses and suggests what needs to be done next.

If the doctor advices admission to an ICCU, the patient/relatives can decide which hospital to go to, depending on their financial position, the family physician’s advice and other factors.

Having tendered his advice the doctor’s work ceases. The BOMBAY HEART BRIGADE‘s functions are over. Apart from giving advice, the doctor may help in arriving at a decision about the hospital in which to admit the patient.

He may also offer use of the ambulance to take the patient to that hospital. In this, the patient assumes full responsibility and it is on the patient’s risk and responsibility that the patient takes him/her there.

This entire service is provided free of cost to all citizens suffering a heart attack.

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