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REENA Dhairyawan is an accomplished craft professional – is an inspiring saga of recognizing and honoring one’s innate talents.

Dhairyawan belongs to the rare breed of professionals practicing parchment paper craft, which is an ancient craft of foreign origin dating back to the 15th century. There are only ten teachers in India who are qualified and certified to teach this craft anywhere in the world by the International Parchment Craft Academy, Netherlands. Dhairyawan is one of them.

Dhairyawan who, though not academically inclined, showed extraordinary aptitude for crafts. As early as class eighth, she started taking summer craft classes for children. Unfortunately, her enterprise at such a young age did not receive the appreciation it deserved.

[quote]Without waiting for my SSC results, I was enrolled at Marium Zaveri’s Hari and Care Institute. Beauty was a happening field in 1989[/quote] , narrates Dhairyawan. For the next 13 years, Dhairyawan’s interests in craft were relegated to occasional leisure hours as she made swift progress in the realm of beauty – taking her long-standing detractors by surprise.

Her inborn facility with crafts was beckoning her to take a leap of faith from cosmetology to crafts and she made the courageous move.

Although apt at a variety of crafts, she opted to specialize in Parchment Paper Craft. [quote]After I made the career switch, I began conducting designer candle-making classes at home. The classes became a hit and I even authored a book on designer candles for Pedilite. Around that time, Martha Ospina, Founder and President of Pergamano International came to India to spread parchment craft awareness and I got an opportunity to train and become a registered pergamano teacher, [/quote] reveals Dhairyawan.

[quote]Parchment paper is a special kind of transparent paper. The craft involves using a variety of techniques and tools to colour emboss and create exquisite lace-like designs and patterns. It can then be transformed into aesthetic objects like lampshades, murals, frames, cards, bookmarks etc. The possibilities of what you can make and do with this craft are limitless,[/quote]  she claims.

For reasons of commerce, teaching is an excellent option apart from making and selling a range of parchment paper items.[quote] Anyone with a keen interest in craft can learn parchment paper craft. Just bear in mind that it is an expensive craft, as equipment is imported, [/quote] she states. Dhairyawan’s future aspirations read, starting a craft club, setting up a library for crafters and opening a craft institute.

dimensions 2As for the moral of the story, no one puts it better than Dhairyawan. [quote]Believe in your inborn talents![/quote]  she says with a twinkle in her eyes.

Reena takes classes in

Paper quilling

Floral Punch craft

Parchment Craft

Origami Architecture

Kusudama folding

Concertina crafts

3-D decoupage







Pop-Up Cards


Candles making



Porcelain flowers

Floral exotica

Wedding trousseau pack

Teabag folding

Bags and boxes


Contact – Ms. Reena

Shop No. 2, Coin House,

Opp. Janata Book Centre,

Entrance From Virat Paper Bazar,

Station Road, Bandra (W),

Mumbai  – 400 050.

Tel : 9821013129 / 56297704.

E-mail : reena@dimensionscrafts.co.in

Website: https://www.dimensionscrafts.co.in

Facebook page: httpss://www.facebook.com/reena.dhairyawan


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