Equal Streets some pictures and a short review.

Equal Streets some pictures and a short review.

I am not a morning person, so its no surprise that I havent been able to make to any of the #equalstreet events that is untill last Sunday.

I reached the venue i.e Linking Road Bandra around 9.15am and was a bit surprised to see more people than I had expected on the equal streets. I barely managed to cycle my way through the human hurdles of kids sitting on the road and chalking a drawing, There was even a random guy who without permission was holding a Karoake singing event and distributing his advertising flyer. On a scolding from the cops, he just shifted his activity to another point on the Street.

There were various points with other authorised activities on the Equal Street. It was interesting to see that not a single activity was branded, except the cycles by TOI. TOI has taken utmost care along with the Organisers to make the event as non-commerical as possible. This indicated TOI has a good side other than being a advertising medium.

You have yoga on the streets, you have people teaching cyclist some strectching exercises and ofcourse the capoeira people are always there at such events. It was nice to see so many people on the streets, but I wish it was more hyperlocal, with residents of each locality participating in their localities, for this too happen other suburbs need to have their own equal streets. I saw some powai residents at equal streets. I think this is why the Bandra Khar Santacruz residents have been complaining. Its the non-hyperlocal people coming from faraway suburbs and crowding the place.

But it would be unjust to kill this event. But if the event is advertised only on hyper local media, the crowd can be cut off and other hyperlocal #equalstreets would happen.