Escalators needed at Bandra Railway Station

Escalators needed at Bandra Railway Station

By Prarthana Mahato

Bandra Railway Station is one of the most busiest stations of the financial capital of the country. Hailed as the ‘Queen of the suburbs’ , Bandra Railway Station is the must halt stop for every slow and fast commuting trains. Like most busy and worked railway stations of the world, this station too faces the issue of over crowds. However, due to lack of proper infrastructure and facilities, the crowd in the Bandra station is mis-managed. The shock and shame of this station in Mumbai is that it does not have an escalator.

Bandra railway Station in urgent need of escalators says Shaheeda

The Suburb lifeline functions without an escalator!

Bandra Railway Station is a centrally located station near the Bandra-Kurla Complex it bears crowds of millions of people each day. The Railways as it is, is the life line of the city and the most used public transport. Commuters in Mumbai have been facing problems from years. It is high time that the authorities pay heed to the concerns of the public. It is an irony that basic amenities is not meted out to Mumbai Railway commuters.

Also, like every modern railway station of the world, Bandra Railway Station should have a specialised escalators for the differently abled people.

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Are the authorities waiting for an accident to happen at the Bandra Railway Station?

Apparently, like every dream every nightmare is possible in Mumbai. The glaring example of such an nightmare is the Bandra Station. The steps are half broken. Every day millions of commuting passengers take these half broken steps to reach their destination. Are we seriously waiting for a major accident to happen that will finally make the authorities buckle up their belts? Pregnant women, differently abled people and senior citizens climb through the half broken steps every day! When are the authorities going to put their blinders away and address the challenges of the common folk.

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