Expo International Event management

Expo International Event management

expo international

At Expo – International, our business events are planned and organized to cater to the needs and growth aspirations of families. As our clients, the producers of major goods and services in India will testify, we have surprised them with the huge numbers of serious buyers who turn up at every Expo – International event.

With EVENTS & MORE we take your brand to another level. Be it reaching your customers through our popular EXHIBITIONS such as DIWALI FIESTA, MEGA FOOD FIESTA, VALENTINE SHOPPING BAZAAR,etc held round the year to target shoppers of various seasons.


5-6, Drego House,

Plot No. 57, Pali Ambedkar Road,

Near Pali Naka,

Bandra (West),


M: 9820573244 / 9920176560 / 9820514440 T: 26049313 / 26007126 F: 26051201

E: contact@expointernational.in

Website: www.expointernational.in

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Events-More


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