Extra Mile Cafe

Extra Mile Cafe

[quote]For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them[/quote]  – Aristotle

extra mile logoWe apply this theory of Experiential Learning to our unique programs that help you and your team of friends or colleagues take an extra step in discovering yourself. Our mission is to create a fun and interactive environment where you learn about yourself, your passion and hidden zeal.

How is this done?

By participating in our Exceptional programs that bring out the best in you. At this Café, we specialise in Corporate Training and Group Activity Workshops. Whether you wish to be trained on being a leader or want to make a successful career out of music, we can guide you with the same. Browse through the program library to visit our unique workshops and call us to register.

What all you can do at the Cafe?

Put on The Director’s Hat and make your own short film

Pose your best in front of the Camera and get featured in your Magazine

Get tips on Personalised Fashion Styling by meeting renowned Stylists

Find out the designing essence behind the magnificent Blue Frog from the horse’s mouth

Learn to Manage conflicts using Art as the platform.

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Corporate Training:

Are classroom trainings overdone with your employees? Do you find your employees searching for ways to excuse themselves from the trainings?

Extra Mile Café has changed the way employees perceive Training & Development within a Company.

At this Café, Training is based on Kinaesthetic Learning. Through unique training programs, we help employees navigate the hectic highways and byways of the corporate world. Our programs not only drive members away from chalk and talk methods of traditional learning but also encourage lateral thinking.

What kind of programs?

Every program is considered like a project wherein we allow the participants to plan and execute the task. It makes our programs meaningful (allow participants to actively practice collaboration, communication and decision making), impactful (customized exclusively for the team) and memorable (both fun AND unique). Your trainees are immediately able to see the consequences of wrong actions and the tangible difference that can be made by a change in thinking and behaviour. Our trained facilitators enthusiastically help them to extrapolate the learning from these activities to their workplace.

A few programs to give you a glimpse…

Refine your Leadership skills as Director while making your Film, put on your Creative Hat when publishing your Fashion Magazine, learn the art of Consumer Sensitivity through the platform of Theatre, create a well-rounded Induction video for new joinees or become employee-a-preneurs while building your dream 5* Hotel.

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Group Activity:

What’s your passion…your hidden talent? Have you found an answer to this recurring question yet?

Extra Mile Café helps you uncover the hidden zeal within you!

If you think you are a born actor, a visionary director, an artist by nature, a music buff, a great mixer or a fashion stylist, then you will enjoy these programs more than any other.

With workshops ranging from Short Film Making, Professional Photoshoot, Personal Style Check, Sound Engineering, Bartending, Art-effects etc, we have created a platform for you like never before. Come enjoy a fun, interactive session with your friends or make new friends who share the same passion through our workshops. Each workshop is facilitated by professionals in respective fields.

If you wish to make a career in any of these fields, our professionals will guide you through the same. Register for our workshop and leave the rest to us.

How does it work?

Take a look at the Program Library => Group Activity Workshops for details on each workshop.

Find a workshop or workshops that interest you.

Register by calling Extra Mile café.

Invite your friends to do the same or we will find a team for you.


The Extra Mile Café, Ground Floor,

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Khar (W), Mumbai 400 052.

Email: pooja@extramile.in

Mob: +91-9004060766.

Mon-Sun: 9am – 7pm


Website: https://extramile.in

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