February First Week Newsletter

This is the monthly newsletter, but I am soon planning to make it weekly or at least fortnightly. It would encourage me if you become a paying subscriber to produce the newsletter more regularly. Hit the subscribe button for the same. :)

February First Week Newsletter

Hello Readers,

This is a monthly newsletter, but I am soon planning to make it weekly or at least fortnightly. It would encourage me if you could become a paying subscriber to support me to produce the newsletter more often. So hit the subscribe button y’all! :)

Chaayos Woes

Due to the recent controversy around White Hat Jr., I have been suspicious about all startups, mainly those led by the IIT and IIM credentials guys. After doing my chores during Lockdown I felt like putting up my legs and ordering on Zomato. That’s when I stumbled upon Chaayos which was offering discounts as much as 30-50 percent. Seems like a deal but was it worth it?

As unfortunate as one can be, I had an awful experience with them. Right from the insipid and stale teas to their deceptive packaging which I focused on my Twitter thread. Crossing it off my recommendation list for sure.


Jhanvi Kukreja’s murder on NYE has been mind-boggling. Though her case is not as popular the SSR murder case which the media wholeheartedly focused on. Anyway, to my dismay, I have to say that this gruesome murder of the young 19-year-old Jhanvi, gives us a glimpse of what is happening with the youth. More so the youth residing in Bandra and Khar.

I have been a bit reckless in speculating on the various hypothesis of the murder but my subconscious says that this murder was a passion crime. So passionate is the crime that it made the person lose their minds.

Since there is no eye witness to what happened on the staircase, I am sceptical if anything of worth is going to come out of this case.

Yay! Skateboarding is my new hobby

Thanks to the new skatepark at carter road which is a blessing for skateboarders in Mumbai. As we all know that Mumbai roads are can be quite pathetic and most other parks think skateboarders as a nuisance which is quite sad, frankly. So, what do we local skateboarders do besides going to the one at BKC city park? Though luckily there is a small ramp at Khar Social. If you haven't checked the Carters’ skateboard park here is a link.

The downside is that the park construction seems a bit shoddy as there are all pebbles disintegrating on the pathway of the Skatboarders.  

I was looking for some outdoor activity of various kinds and I found skateboarding one the most lucrative. I truly enjoy the feeling of being on top of the skateboard, at first it might seem daunting to some as it can be a rough sport. It is about balance, building your core strength, and being graceful. I got a brand new Piso skateboard for this main reason and I will be happy to talk to you in-depth about skateboarding if you are interested.

New brands

The new buzz is about Bade Miya coming and replacing the old CBTL or Trupti Sweets place at linking road.

Subko seems to be one of the most popular coffee shops right now-The croissants are delicious but might cost as much as Rs 400 which might not be so pocket friendly. The best part is that they are freshly oven-baked on the same day as they are sold, so you are guaranteed quality and no stale items.

On the topic of café’s, there is Boojee Café which I discovered and is a great place to grab a hot cup of coffee. Boojee has some exciting breakfast options too. So, If you order on their website it is cheaper than ordering on Zomato.

For the Vegan-friendly peeps, there is Earth Cafe which has carved a niche of itself. Another alternative is Seeds of Life which has a following of its own as people are raving about their thin-crust pizzas, Though there is Farmers Cafe and Sequel too if one must add it to their bucket list.

Oh, and we shouldn’t forget Javaphile which is another noteworthy launch in the coffee shop space, quite a dainty place filled with crowd.

Despite the crumbling infrastructure, entrepreneurial-minded people keep launching brands in Bandra.


I am going slow on the interview series. But I did manage to do two interviews. Mary Dsouza Sequeira, the Olympian from Bandra whose daughter has written a book on her and Sandhya Krishnan, the former owner of brands like The Shop and Sanctum. Both of them are quite endearing personalities once must check them out!

So if you have any feedback connect to me on Twitter, Instagram on @bandrainfo


Do you know the connection between Bandra to Shirdi Sai Baba?