Someone recommended me Rahul's Instagram account when I was looking for artists based in Bandra to interview. It is always interesting to know the perspective of someone who is not from this place. Rahul Singh Datta is from the lovely city of Chandigarh. He kindly agreed to answer my questions. He lets his expression out in the films he makes, so check out his website and vimeo channel to learn more about this work.

Below are the questions

Q1.1 - Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Ans: Ex mariner now filmmaker / artist

Q1.1 What brings you to Bandra? I believe you from Chandi?

Ans: I want to make films and you have to give this city a pound of flesh for your dreams .

I grew up in the beautiful city of chandigarh

Q2 - Coming from Chandi what do you like in Bandra and what you wished Bandra had compared to Chandigarh?

Ans: Chandi I wish had people with real jobs and bandra I wish had space like chandi.

Q3 - What are your favourite places in Bandra to shop/eat/hangout?

Ans: I will never tell my fav place to an online forum fuck that shit

Q4- Mumbai girls or Chandi girls? :)

Ans: Delhi girls

Q5 - Have you checked the skatepark at Carter Road? Are you an avid Skateboarder?

Ans: Yes , it's been redone by a very talented friend of mine . I broke my face skating , learnt my priorities in life , now I am more of an enthusiast than a skater.

Below is a video for Farah Khan