First Impression of Boston Cupcakery

First Impression of Boston Cupcakery

1475154350_featured.jpegI walked in the Boston Cupcakery ( A play on the word mockery? Perhaps) today afternoon.

The Cupcake shop has almost maintained the Bru layout, but instead of the rustic decor, the decor here is a bit more wooden and contemporary. But it will remind you of Bru cafe which used to be there earlier.

I had the Boston Cream Cupcake (Rs 100) which is the least sweet version. The cupcake was nothing special and if it was only priced at Rs 50/- instead of Rs 100 and would have hit the sweet spot.

They serve waffles and cupcakes shakes and ice cream along with a cup of coffee or some boutique tea items. They even had a Salad section, but my eyes completely missed it, I think.

The service is cocky when I asked about the prices on the menu; the guy said those prices were sample prices; he was not interested in answering my query and had the body language of “Pay what I tell you to pay”.

To sum it up, its a good place to hangout, if the service doesn’t piss you off. I don’t think the cupcakes are that special, but I am hardly the cupcake connoisseur, so I will be waiting for your reviews.


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