1. FITKIDS-SPORTS CONDITIONING AND FITNESS CLASS for kids aged bet. 4 to 15 at St. Anne`s school, Pali Hill, Bandra.

Timings: MON 5pm/TUES 5pm/THURS 4pm/SAT 4:30pm

2. BOOTCAMP- HIGH INTENSITY FUN WORKOUT at KC. Hall, Veronica Street, Bandra.

Timings: WED 7:30pm/FRI 7:30pm

Contact: 9930764833



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Having played hockey at the highest level, and having been through years of training and fitness camps, the one thing that always feel grateful and lucky to have had was the physical fitness training that I received at an early age in school. It was this basic fitness training that helped me to stand the test of time. I have come to realize the importance of a good scientific fitness program, vital to the future development of a child. It is this base training that I would like to introduce in schools. Just as the brain which has the maximum capacity to absorb and learn at an early age, so too is the body which can be trained to get maximum lifelong benefits. Infact , it is the lack of a proper fitness program in schools all over India that has kept us lagging behind other countries in sports.

EDGAR MASCARENHAS-founder fit kids

International hockey player and coach. Has played for India in more than 90 international matches including the world cup and champions trophy. Has also been a part of  the support coaching staff at the junior India training  camp in preparation of the junior world cup. Besides is presently training Mumbai u16/u18 players. Has a wealth of knowledge in fitness and has been through the grind himself. Has good people skills and though a tough coach and trainer has a friendly and  likable approach which kids adore.


Nutrition and Fitness are the cornerstones of children’s health. Studies show that children (aged 6 or older) and adolescents need an hour a day of Physical activity. In addition children should participate in muscle and bone strengthening activities at least thrice a week. It is something of a modern paradox: Although kids today seem wiser to the ways of the world, their bodies are more unhealthy and de-conditioned than ever. There are many demands on children’s attention these days; but, unfortunately, very few of these involve healthy levels of interactive play or exercise. It’s not exactly a news flash: children are experiencing serious health problems and a poor quality of life. More kids than ever suffer from the effects of poor nutrition and lack of exercise, and the child overweight/obesity rate has nearly tripled over the past 40 years.


Fit Kids introduces a scientific fitness program for school kids. Integrating knowledge and activity will help convince children that exercise is important to their well being and increase the chance that physical activity will be come a permanent part of their daily lives. The camp aims to supplement children, nowadays heavily burdened with studies, to grow physically strong so that all round development can be achieved to give the children a head start in life. The program is an introduction to a lifestyle of fitness providing a base in fitness which can later be adapted to any specific sport activity or simply to stay fit, healthy and strong. It will toughen and discipline kids both physically and mentally to face challenges ahead.

The program will further identify kids who have an aptitude and potential for sport. Fun activities and games will be included to keep kids interested and focussed giving them a competitive edge at the same time creating a positive and winning attitude towards future competitions

1. Endurance base training which will increase stamina.
2. Strength base training which leads to proper development of muscles and strengthening of bones.
3. Speed endurance and Speed-work to run faster both over long and short distances besides improving agility.
4. Flexibility Training to improve range of motion thus enhancing the chances of the body performing at an optimum level.
5. Motor Skills Development And Enhancement.
6. Sports skills and drills.
7. Fitness games.

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Staff Quality

Innovative Syllabus

Total Fitness Development Camp

Fitness evaluation pre and post camp

Possibility to have resident year long camps

Possibility to train school teams in fitness

Consultation and setting up of school Gyms