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We spend a lot of time in our homes which are an extended personality of ourselves— spinning stories, entertaining, and rejuvenating. So it needs to be something we are not only proud of but happen to love very much.

Latika Khosla, one of the founders of Takete Maluma, now brings the brand afresh to us as Freedom Tree. An international trend and Color consultant, she is the founder director of Freedom Tree Design studio. Their specialty is Trend and Color Strategies for brands, in India and internationally.

The Freedom Tree Design Space has an eclectic “color design” collection of furniture, table ware, linen, floor coverings, lighting, home fragrances and accessories all made in India – the work of many heads, hearts and hands. The beauty in character, form, color and material produce a product of high quality with natural variance. While the overall form is consistent, each piece is individual.

Freedom Tree store recommends edgy global color design and quirky coordination for your home.

Welcome to the world of good design everyday; constantly evolving and stimulating the freedom to have fun!

freedom tree 2Freedom Tree’s commitment is to Design improving quality of life. Through striking color and freedom of choice we will be a brand people love. Specially for those who want joyous alternatives for home and living. With signature color palettes, strong print direction, quirky curated product mix, we bring real and likable design for everyday living.

The studio’s spirit is to celebrate modern India as a vibrant design destination – it is a thumbprint against standardization. Loveable and fun products make everyday living beautiful celebrating a freedom of expression, freedom of thought and freedom of being.

Design services

Everyone loves color; but many are daunted by it when it comes to choosing products for our homes or making decisions for business needs. If you have to live with color in your home or choose something for a workplace, you have to be comfortable with what you like!

Faced with a choice, come to our studio at Freedom Tree and we will help put together a home or an interior project you are working on. Our capable designers will work with you, and customize color and product selection for your needs.

Freedom Tree will undertake, Home Makeovers, Cafes, Guest houses, Offices and larger commercial or hospitality projects.

Web Stores

In today’s highly connected world, discerning consumers are seeking newer, smarter and cost effective ways of buying products and services. We provide consumers with the opportunity to make purchases for themselves or as gifts for others, using the internet and phone to make such purchases.

We operate branded stores under license from the brand owners. Products purchased on our webstores are genuine, company sourced products which are sold by Net Distribution Services Pvt Ltd as an authorised retailer. These are delivered to customers through our carefully selected courier and logistics partners. Customer service and satisfaction is our motto and we constantly work towards meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers.

The spirit at Freedom Tree is to celebrate modern India as a vibrant design destination- a thumbprint against standardization.

It’s a new world out there; we’d like a new generation to discover the joy of doing up their homes themselves. Think contentment, artistic and quirky with a clean edge, offbeat and inspiring. By abandoning regular arrangements, we help with ‘mix-matching’ which suit the times today.

Freedom Tree is the place for those who want ‘easy, relaxed’ homes.


Freedom Tree,

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